Friday, June 14, 2013

Breakout 15&16. getting the most from google+

stephen judd
univ of new hampshire

he uses it more than facebook, twitter, skype. Communities are the same asks Google Groups and may replace it eventually

discussed communities, hangouts, events, circles, pages and how to use it to make working together smoother

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Breakout 13 overhaulin remote connections

greg parmer
auburn university
 from dialup to 50 T1
secure wifi at remote offices
 vpn dropping little in some places, some a lot.

aruba vpn solution
problems with t1s

convert from t1 to cable/dsl w vpn saved $4000/most
easy set up for end user
.new aruba routers give voip, vpn to campus, wireless, guest wireless

average15 mb down 3mb up

69 aruba locations
19 t1s down from 50

 relationships - campus controls network
 cost savings
ichinga monitoring system exports data to sharepoint


Breakout #12 Yes I have keywords in my medata

 Stephen Patton Univ of Kentucky

6-13-2013 write the date
061313 write the date as a file name
 what is the definition of keywords:
words that explain what can range anywhere from the most simplistic explanation of what content is included in the image to the most conceptual.
alt tags, title tags, captions all help searchability.
file names should be very granular. year first, day, month, initials, specific image number.


Breakout #11 Change your brain

Tracy Bryant
Stacy Jones
University of Florida

need to exercise your brain
  be creative
four sections  spontaneous , .. .. ..draw a picture of something without looking at paper.

 list all the things you can use a balloon for
 my ideas:
lung strengthening, paper mache ball, loud noise, balloon airplane, squeaky noise, game item, isometric resistance.

 add a sentance to make a story

Breakout 10: How IT at Penn State has changed/adapted

How Information Technology at Penn State has changed/adapted to new pressures/opportunities.
Vince Verbeke
Neal Vines
Jacki Weikert
Penn State University

25% budget reduction
IT across campus was told to consolidate to one dept.
several hundred e-mail servers across campus.

Create all-inclusive central IT group
create new unit structure

help desk, systems admins, consultants.
 counties consolidated to districts

5 pages of projects to get through the consolidation:

voip, statewide data plan, domains and servers, firewalls, network upgrades, wireless, lab management

Breakout 8&9. Road Warrior roundtable

cool things:

 freenas - software raid on old hardware with multiple drive access

box - can use groups. put personal data on cloud and office data on local servers

unify access points.
malwarebytes - $12 per client
snort box for packet sniffing

ways to keep up on IT
dogcatcher on android forr podcasts
mike tech show - real life info

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Breakout 7 . computers in their pockets

Computers in their pockets : how mobile devices are changing extension

Dr Jeanne Gleason

how to get this past the administration
research done on this project
monthly surveys

how to fund this
got the best unit available, case, apps and files.
preload subject matter
full 6 hr training required to get the ipad

went thru each preinstalled apps. paper had tips on default apps.

tech support team is a priority
3 types of users
its a fun toy
it supplements work
it is the NEW computer

apps that are used most
web surf / research

remote access to desktop is popular
classroom packs of 10 that can be loaned to offices

what did not work:
not as much sharing about things they like or don't
hoped for more video/photography
hoped for more use with clientele
they want to be spoon fed
they don't explore what is available before theyask for a new app

support never ends